Rules and Formulas:
Symbol for Rules & Formulas
Diametral Pitch Spur Gears
Circular Pitch Spur Gears
Worm Gears
Helical Gears
Involute Splines & Serrations 30°PA
Standard SAE Parallel Key Spline
Point Width Conversion for Straight Sided Spline

Wire Measurements - External Spur Gears:
Determining Dimensions Over Pins and Determining Arc Teeth Thickness Given Dimensions Over Pins

Wire Measurements - External Helical Gears:
Determining Dimensions Over Pins or Balls
Determining Tooth Thickness of External Helical Gear With Dimension Over Pins or Balls

Span Measurements:
Span Measurements 14-1/2°PA
Span Measurements 20°PA
Span Measurements 25°PA
Span Measurements 30°PA

Timing Belt Chains & Sprokets:
American Standard Timing Belts
Full Radius timing Belts

Synchroflex Timing Belts:
Tooth Forms for Both T & AT Versions (T Versions)
Tooth Forms for Both T & AT Versions (AT Versions)

DIN7221 Chain & Sprokets:
Synchroflex O.D., "T" & " AT" Chart
Design Formulast for ASA Roller chain Sprokets

Straight Dided Serrations:
Serrated Shaft Ends - SAE J500
British Straight-Sided Serration Standard

DIN 5480 Inv. Splines:
Module-DIN 5480 Flat Root Involute Splines

DIN 5481 55° Inc.:

DIN 5481 Serration - 55° Included

DIN 5481 60° Inc.:
DIN 5481 Serration - 60° Included

DIN 5482 Inv. Splines:
Module-DIN 5482 Involute Spline Profile Dimensions

Internal Parallel Spline:

American Standard Parallel Splines

Parallel Splines:
Metric Parallel Spline Shaft Connctions DIN 5462
Metric Parallel Spline Shaft Connctions DIN 5463

Point Width Charts:
Roller Chain Sprocket
Module Conversion Chart

Gear Verniers:
Gear Tooth Verniers
Chordal Thickness & Chordal Addendum of Gear Teeth

Stub Involute Function:
Method of Producing Stub Depth Gear & Splines
The Inverse of the Involute Function

Wire Measurements - Internal Spur Gears:
Determining Dimension Under Pins and Determining Arc Space Width Given Dimensions Under Pins

Wire Measurements - Internal Helical Gears:
Determining Dimensions Under Pins or Balls
Determining Space Thickness given Dimensions Under Pins or Balls

Tooth Dimensions:
Standard Tooth Dimensions
Tooth Chart, 2.157/DP system DP
Tooth Chart, 2.25/DP system DP
Tooth Chart, 2.20/DP + 0.002 System DP
Tooth Chart, 2.15/DP system CP
Tooth ChartModule, 2.25/DP Depth System

Cycloidal Sprocket Chains & Sprokets:
Original Method of Developing Cycloidal Tooth Form

Conveyor Chain Chains & Sprockets:
Conveyor Chain (Pitch Diameter, Maximum Outside & Bottom, Diameter for Normal Range of Sprocket Teetch Available with a Type A Tooth Form Sprocket)
Sprocket Tooth Form Type A Radious Tooth From
Sprocket Tooth Form Type B Straight Face Tooth From

Involute Splines:
Old American Standard
ANSI B92.1970 - Flat Root Major Diameter Fit
Fillet Root Side Fit & Flat Root Side Fit

ANSI B92.1-1970 Formulas for the Basic Dimensions 30°, 37.5°, & 45°PA
ANSI B92.1-1970 Maximum Tolerance for Space Width & Tooth Thickness of Tolerance Class 5 Splines
Ansi B92.1-1970 Interchangability

Internal Major Diameters 8/16DP & 10/20DP, 30°PA
Internal Major Diameters 12/24DP & 16/32DP, 30°PA

Internal Major Diameters 37-1/2° & 45°PA (Full Fillet Side Fit)

JIS Inv. Splines:
Involute Spline for Automobiles (Japanese Industrial Standard)

External Parallel Spline:
American Standard Parallel Splines

Quick reference Depth Charts:
Base Pitch Chart

Helical Gear Conversion Chart:
Circular Pitch Conversion Chart
Involute Spline Chart

Fine Pitch Spur & Helical Master Gears Arbor Mounted Type:

Master Gears
Classification by Composite Tolerance


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